Nailed it.


For about two years, I’ve had a dream. To host a weekend for women where they could make themselves a priority, break up the monotony of motherhood, and try something different. To relax, challenge themselves, and have fun. And I did it. The first annual Not Your Average Weekend at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, […]

She believed she could.


I wanted to have my shit together and have a post written for today before Not Your Average Weekend started. But that didn’t happen. So let me just share two little stories about what’s happened so far. First, a couple months ago when it seemed as though I just had too much going on and […]

Best Decision Ever.


Tonight was the first day of Not Your Average Weekend. I didn’t plan ahead very well. I should have written a post ahead of time. All I have to say is that this is one of the best things I ever decided to do in my whole life. Thank you to everyone who believed in […]

A letter from Patty


Dear Everybody, I tried saving all the gift memos that came with the packages you sent me, but only a few left return addresses or emails or phone numbers. I’ve reached out to some of you on Facebook (check your “other” private message boxes). But words don’t even suffice to express the gratitude I have for […]

What does someone on food stamps look like? She looks like this.


We make lots of assumptions when we look at other people. I’m sure people make lots of assumptions when they look at me. What they assume probably depends upon where they see me. If they see me dropping my kids off at preschool in the morning, they might assume I haven’t showered in more than 48 […]