Being comfortable is overrated.


So I think my therapist and the owner of my yoga studio might secretly be the same person. Just kidding. But I know one of the reasons why I love my therapist and yoga so much… A lot of the dialogue in both rooms is the same. There is a lot of talk about setting intentions […]

I feel great.


I got my next month of Personal Trainer Food this week. In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when you get it. It comes in a big ass box, and the food inside is packed in dry ice.   Back in November I weighed at least 10 pounds more than I […]

Still searching for the gray.


I used to go see this therapist who was amazing. She literally helped me turn my life around. But she was a fucking disaster. Her office was a mess, her car was a mess, and her appearance was also a mess. I found it a little bit ironic that someone who was helping me to […]

Powering Down


I overdid it today. I exercised too much, had too many things to do, didn’t take one break all day, didn’t eat or drink enough, just got home from coaching a swim meet, and I feel awful. My former self would have written a post at all costs. Because, well, because that’s what I do. […]