Hey Handsome


My husband and I had a big fight the other day. Like huge. The details don’t matter. What matters is that my therapist has been telling me to move out of my comfort zone. I can do it physically. No problem. Give me a marathon and I will fucking run it. But the emotional stuff […]

I’m not the sad fat person on the left.

3rd place

So one of my goals is to help women, and moms in particular, to reclaim their inner badass. I think it’s so easy to lose this once you have kids. Initially, it’s kind of required. You need to make it all about the baby in the first few months. But sometimes the months turn to […]

Funniest Reader Contributions of the Week

are you drunk

Shit my kids did: Went to nurse and put to sleep my youngest. Within 8 minutes, my middle child did this (he’s 2.5) those are feathers from a pillow he some how opened. Bummer. Funniest in pictures: I guess that’s a yes. (or my kid does) ) Happiest. Cow. Ever. Le tits now, le tits […]

What happened to the “Learning”?


This morning I turned on the computer and the first thing I saw on my homepage was: Josh Duggar Responds to What He Calls ‘Inexcusable’ Actions as a Teenager I read the article. And then I kind of went off on the blog Facebook page. This is fucked up. And TLC is fucked up, too. If […]