Because your children are counting on you.


I don’t trust my kids. Not any of them. I want to. But I think if you blindly believe everything your kids are telling you, you are making a big mistake. I was a kid once. I know how things work. And even the really good kids will, at some point, try to get away […]

Earth Angel


Back in my teaching days, one of my teammates had a secret gift giver. Not at Christmastime or anything. It happened all year long. Every so often, she would come in to school in the morning, and there would be an apple on her desk. Sometimes it was a real apple, and other times it […]

If your child has ever had night terrors, READ THIS.


If you are the parent to more than one child, you are well aware of how two children who were both conceived by the same people can be completely different in a multitude of ways. It doesn’t take long to figure that out. And just as your children have different personalities, they will also have […]

We’re back. And we want to say thank you.

hijacked again

We are back! We are back to say THANK YOU!! We are back to let you know that you guys are AWESOME!! For those of you who missed our first post, we are ten ladies whose lives have been affected by Susie, and we have started a Go Fund Me campaign for her. We have […]

Opportunity Knocking


We haven’t really had the SAT experience with the kids yet. I know the tests are different than they were back in the Stone Age when I took them. When I was in high school, the highest combined score you could get was a 1600. 800 verbal and 800 math. The first time I took […]