Road Trip Hack and Medicine Cabinet(s) Overhaul in One!

Today I’m heading out on a road trip with (most of) the kids, and it’s my first solo road trip with them.

I’m not gonna lie.

I’m a little bit nervous.

Not for the car ride, really.

I mean, yes, since we couldn’t even make it 2 miles down the road the other day before Number 5 and 6 were beating the crap out of each other, I’m not so sure how we are going to make it 235.3 miles without someone being pummeled in the back seat.

But navigating an amusement park alone with the five kids between the ages of four and eleven is what’s really giving me some heart palpitations.

There will be other moms and dads there since Number 3’s whole baseball team is going to Hershey Park, so I’ll have them to rely on and I’m sure everything will be totally fine.

But I also worry about needing  something when I’m on the highway in the middle of nowhere or at 2:00 in the morning and not having it (mostly like medicine and/or first aid supplies), and not having my husband or my parents around to get something if we have an emergency.

So I want to have all the stuff I might need before we leave.

And I was thinking about something that Sue Duval from The Organized Hive told me about when she helped me organize the office and turn it into a playroom for the kids.

We were talking about having medicine organized and all in one place and going on vacation and how  you so often will need something but not have it and then you have to go out and buy it and spend a stupid amount of money on it (like buying children’s ibuprofen at a gas station).

And she shared a tip with me — put all your medicine in a shower caddy or a tool box or something like that, so it’s all located in one spot.

Then when your family goes on vacation, you just grab the box and take it with you and you have everything you need right there at your disposal and you don’t need to rush out to get anything in the middle of the night or pull off the highway in the middle of East Bumblef*ck.

(she didn’t say Bumblef*ck)

And if you are anything like me, you have medicine in like five different spots in the house.

And nobody can ever find anything because you don’t know if the Advil is in the kitchen cabinet or in Mom and Dad’s closet or in the upstairs bathroom or in the other two or three places it could possibly be.

So I took Sue’s advice and I bought an inexpensive tackle box.


And I put all the stuff we use on a regular basis in it.


And I can just throw it in the car with us.

When we get to the hotel I’ll just bring it up to the room.

When we go to the park tomorrow, I’ll throw it in the back of the car.

In fact, I’ll have a kid be on tackle box duty.

And then when we come home, we’ll designate a spot for it and everyone will know where all of our shiz is, and nobody will be roaming around the house looking for a band aid.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself.

But it’s one thing less thing to worry about on the road, and fifteen less things to search for at home.

Hershey, here we come!

I want that Number 1 spot!!! Please keep voting!


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