10 Reasons I Give My Kids Previously Owned Gifts for Christmas

1. They are a fraction of the cost. Sometimes they are even free. That’s more money for college.

Or wine.

2. There’s no danger of being trampled to death at WalMart.

3. When my kids decide they don’t really like their present anymore, I’m not pissed about how much money I spent on it.

4. No packaging to dispose of. The day after Christmas I can still fit stuff in my recycling bin.

5. My kids are going to beat the crap out of whatever toys I get them, so there’s no point in getting anything brand new anyway.

6. I’m saving the Earth, one reused present at a time.

7. I can call it “vintage.”  And isn’t that in these days?

8. I can do all my shopping from Facebook.

9. I don’t have to deal with this:

black friday


That’s enough reason right there.

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