How I’m keeping on top of the kids’ papers this year.


With one kid in preschool, one in kindergarten, one in first grade, one in fourth, one in fifth, and one in eleventh, the amount of papers coming home each day from school is a little bit crazy. I have sucked in paper organization department every single school year since becoming a parent. But this year, […]

Dear Number 6


Today I sent you off to kindergarten. All summer you have been pretty excited to go to elementary school. To ride the bus with Number 5. To carry a backpack and your own lunch box. Yesterday, when it was time to go to orientation, you were excited, too. You were excited to see your classroom […]

The afternoons just got a whole lot easier.


The next item of business in my quest to cut down on before and after school chaos is for the kids to become a well oiled machine and function on autopilot when they walk in the door from the bus. I was thinking back to my teaching days. You spend the first couple weeks nailing […]

Bring on the first day of school.


Yesterday I made the decision to take control of our mornings and afternoons and evenings now that school is starting. Like, for real. No more fucking around. Rather than trying to go psycho on the whole entire house, I chose to start in the area that would help me the most. The kitchen. And even […]