Less is definitely more.


This quest to declutter has been quite liberating. Both literally and figuratively. It has not only lightened the actual load the house is carrying, but it has lightened the load my brain has been carrying. It all started when a friend gave me a copy of the life changing magic of tidying up. While I thought the book […]

Today, everything got a whole lot better.


Today was another day that did not go as planned. And I still haven’t finished the post I’ve been trying to write. Why? Because this morning I was out for a run with Number 7. I don’t usually run with my phone when I’m alone, but when I push her in the stroller I take […]

2 quick things


Too much four-year-old birthday partying and not enough time to write the post I wanted to write tonight, so two quick things. I am still kicking some decluttering ass. I’ve been working hard in the office and here’s what I found today: Um….. this. I have a bad habit of not opening mail and shoving […]

Dear Number 7


Dear Number 7, Tonight is the last night I held you as a three-year-old. And I’m sad. You won’t have any recollection of this, but when we read a story before you went to bed, I let you sit in my lap just a little bit longer than usual. I couldn’t kiss you enough. The skin on […]