Change Ahead


I’ve said it many times before. Marriage is fucking hard. So is taking a real, good, hard look at yourself. I think today I really listened to my husband for the first time in a long time. Maybe ever. With all parts of me. And I listened not just waiting for my chance to reply, but [...]

The Top 10 Things My Kids Said To Me This Week.

Top Ten

10) Mom, my teacher is a little prettier than you. And A LOT skinnier than you. 9)  Mom, you smell disgusting. 8) Mom, when I get married, do you think my wife will be like you? I hope she is. 7) You’re a stupid mommy. Stupid mommy. Stu. Pid. Mom. Eeee. 6) Mom. Gross. Put [...]

Stay the course, and things will get better.


I don’t know if you remember, but Number 7’s first day of preschool did not go so well. It was so bad that I thought maybe I should pull her out. But I know what her personality is like. If I gave in to that, I’d just be reinforcing her behavior. Then she’d really be a nightmare. [...]

YOU call bullshit? Nope. Sorry. I call bullshit.


If you’ve been following the blog for more than 2 days, you know that I stopped yelling at my kids a couple months ago. And a post I wrote about that was published on Scary Mommy. And a whole bunch of ladies were pissed. More than one said, I call bullshit. They said if they didn’t [...]

If you are an optimist, you look at the toilet as half full.

christmas story

Last night, as I was doing a little work in the office, Number 4 tiptoed up behind me and then very quietly sat down next to me. She wasn’t talking, which was unusual. She just sat there, staring at me, and exhaling heavily.   Before I finish that story, let me backtrack a little. We [...]