Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.


When I was a freshman in college, I lived in a triple. One of my roommates told me that when she first met me, she thought I was a bitch. We became friends before too long. But I hear that a lot from women. I’d like to think it’s all them. But I guess I also have […]

Not Your Average Weekend: An update


February 27 – March 1, 2015 Have you made your reservations for Not Your Average Weekend yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Wait? What was that you said? What the hell is Not Your Average Weekend? Not Your Average Weekend is a retreat for women, organized and run by me! It’s a way […]

No Time Like the Present


I’m struggling. Not emotionally. But with food. I climbed on a runaway train about a month ago, and I have not been able to locate that brake cord thing hanging down from the ceiling. And I think I’ve developed an addiction to carbs. I have no ability to eat them in moderation, and I am craving […]



Someone I know found herself in an embarrassing situation today. I felt bad for her. Because I know how she felt. The same thing has happened to me. More than once. So to make any of you out there who are feeling embarrassed for whatever reason feel better, let me share with you a list of […]

Sometimes your kids suck. But sometimes they don’t.


Yesterday I shared a story about one of my kids being a total douche. Today I’m going to share a story about one of them being totally awesome. I got a text from a friend a couple days ago. Her daughter was having a hard time on the bus. It can be kind of Lord […]