Because that’s what friends are for.


Last year Halloween was two days before the NYC Marathon, and it was also on a school night. I had to behave myself. And I was trick-or-treating with friends who were pulling this along behind them in a wagon: I know Halloween is mainly about the kids. But this year, with Halloween being on a [...]

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Attend One More Elementary School Class Halloween (or Christmas or Valentine’s Day) Party


1. My taxes. 2. Empty the dishwasher. Repeatedly. For an hour. 3. Pretend to be interested while watching my child play a video game. 4. Play Barbies. 5. Put away the folded laundry. 6. Teach my child with non-existent fine motor skills how to tie her shoes. 7. Explain why I have fur on my bagiiiiiina to my three-year-old. [...]

I’m guaranteed to find it tomorrow.


Time got away from me today. I was out pounding the pavement all day selling advertising, and then we were supposed to carve pumpkins tonight. We carve them on the dining room table which was covered with about nineteen loads of laundry, so I had to take care of that when I got home. And [...]

Less squandering. More participating.


I had one of those mornings. The kind where you get up too late, and then you are scrambling and you just can’t catch up. Where you are trying to fill out the permission slip you should taken care of the night before and then making the lunch for the kindergartener you should have made the [...]

Calling for back up.


So a few months ago I decided I wanted to run this retreat weekend for moms. And women. I guess in general, organizing something like this is a fairly huge undertaking. But it becomes an even greater endeavor when you only give yourself six months to organize it. I was told there was no way I [...]