It’s the most, annoying tiiiiiiiiiimmme, of the year.


I ran out of time today, so here is a post I published last year. And no, I haven’t caved yet. I hate the Elf on a Shelf. And I hate pictures of your elf. On a shelf. Or in your cabinet. Or the cookie jar. Or chugging wine and popping pills. Or doing Barbie from […]

The Best Holiday Gifts to Give Your Kid’s Teacher


Here in Connecticut, it has become pretty much standard procedure for the room moms of elementary school classes to ask the parents of each student in the class for a contribution toward a class gift at Christmas time and also at the end of the year. Sometimes the money goes toward a gift card. But more […]

Third time’s a charm.


Back in September, I taped a segment for the Dr. Oz Show. It hasn’t aired yet, and I’m not sure when it’s going to air. The build up to that show was pretty huge for me. I hadn’t ever done anything like that before. It was exciting and I was nervous. I’m not really supposed […]

The Asshole is Chuck.


Sheesh. I would like to make something clear. My Stay At Home Mom Challenge post was not a throw down to working moms. It was not a who-has-it-harder-working-moms-or-stay-at-home-moms kind of thing. Like I said in the post, it was a throw down to the people who question what I do all day and you assholes who think we […]

The Stay At Home Mom Challenge


If you are a stay-at-home mom of children under the age of 5, then you get it. You know how hard it is. Being home all day. Trying to keep your cool. Trying not to lose your patience. Trying to get one fucking thing checked off your to-do list without the entire house being trashed. […]