Why I Will Never Go On a Cruise


1) I saw Titanic. 2) They ruin other peoples’ vacations. I went on vacation to Puerto Rico a couple years ago, and I took a trip into Old San Juan. My day was ruined by the world’s largest cruise ship which docked there. You know when you go to the beach and all of the sudden [...]

Dear Renee


Dear Renée, I saw your picture. The one that everyone is talking about. The one where they say you look unrecognizable. Not that it really matters, but here’s what I think. Either way, you’re kind of screwed. When people see pictures of actresses and models who are showing the signs of aging, they are quick [...]

A little too close for comfort.


Do you ever have one of those parenting near misses? The kind where you caught your kid doing something really bad? Something that could have been beyond disastrous? But Thank God, you caught the kid just in the nick of time? But then all you can do is conjure up every single God-awful scenario that could [...]

Less dictatorship, more partnership.

happy wife

My husband and I went to our first marriage therapist about two months after we got married. I know. That didn’t take long. But we were two fairly damaged people when we met. I suppose that’s one of the reasons we were attracted to each other to begin with. So it’s not surprising that there [...]