Highlight of the Night


Number 3 had a baseball game tonight. His team got spanked. Pretty badly. But he pitched. And while he didn’t pitch as well as he has in other games, he pitched pretty well. After the game was over, one of the coaches from the other team walked over to him. “Great job pitching,” he said […]

The 30 Day Challenge. A Recap.

round two

Last month I decided to surprise my husband with a challenge. The 30 Days of Sex Challenge, or as a friend referred to it, The Lay A Day Challenge. Well, it’s July 1st. I know some of you are interested to hear how it went. I won’t give you all the details. But I’ll give […]

A Letter To My Son’s 4th Grade Teacher

photo (3)

Dear Mrs. C., Did you think I forgot you? I didn’t. Did you think I took all the hard work you did this year for granted? I didn’t. Did you think I didn’t notice the extra things you did for Number 3 that you didn’t need to do? I did. I know I told you […]

Cause they’re only young once.


The end of the school year was so crazy, and June is heavy on birthdays for us, and in the last few weeks I have fallen back into the habit of working at night as soon as dinner is done. Today was busy again, and at 8:00 I still had my post waiting to be […]