I Don’t Like Penises


Number 5, 6 and 7 are still young enough that I can give them baths together. Well, that is, until tonight when this conversation took place: Me: Number 6, Hurry up and get in the water! Number 5 (5-year-old girl): No! Not yet! I’m not done! Me: It’s okay. He can get in with you. […]

Hello Handsome, Part II


On Sunday I wrote this post and declared that I was going to move out of my comfort zone and start greeting my husband differently than I normally do. Then, on Monday morning, I met my running buddy at 7 a.m. When I left the house, my husband was still in bed. I came back in the […]

An Update From Patty!


Editor’s Note: If you are new here, a few months ago I received a comment from a reader. That led to this post. And then this post. The readers of this blog came together to help. It was a pretty amazing experience. We all fell in love with Patty, and many of you have been […]

Hey Handsome


My husband and I had a big fight the other day. Like huge. The details don’t matter. What matters is that my therapist has been telling me to move out of my comfort zone. I can do it physically. No problem. Give me a marathon and I will fucking run it. But the emotional stuff […]