Not Your Average Tribe

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family.

Not Your Average Tribe is an online membership program for women who are ready to finally make taking care of themselves a priority.

Taking care of yourself requires commitment. Without a road map or guidance, the process can feel overwhelming.


Not Your Average Tribe can fast-track changes in your life and save you years of repeated failure. I've already helped hundreds of women from all walks of life in just about all 50 states and 8 countries (and counting) and I’d be honored to work with you too.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Women who have never exercised before
  • Women who sporadically exercise
  • Women who want to take their exercise to the next level
  • Women with young kids
  • Women with older kids
  • Women with no kids!
  • All shapes, sizes, and ages
  • Training

    Develop habits in a manageable, sustainable and proven effective program that is designed to suit your likes and your family’s lifestyle. Follow the program and your life will change. 

Not Your Average Tribe Changes Lives!

I needed a jumpstart to getting back to physical activity. I work full-time outside the home as well as going to school part-time so I needed something that was pretty flexible. Not Your Average Tribe really fit the bill – the advice is sound and down-to-earth, the tasks and challenges are realistic, achievable, and MAINTAINABLE. Plus, it’s portable! I’ve done the challenges and stuck to the program tasks while away at a conference and during a vacation. NYAT moves with you.

As well, the support from both Susie and the other participants is tremendous. Whether I’m celebrating or struggling, there’s someone to cheer, commiserate, or offer great advice who gets it.

(And it’s value for the fee: even with the exchange rate -- I pay in Canadian $), a week’s worth is less than the cost of a single day pass to the local Y and the full course fee is way less than six weeks’ worth of my husband’s daily on-the-way-to-work lattes.

Theresa, Tribe member since March, 2018, Canada
Theresa, Tribe member since March, 2018, Canada

After being a NYAM blog fan for years, I rolled in my first NYAM fitness course in 2015 because I was seeking more structure for my exercise routine and personal goals.  I also needed a health programme I could implement without a gym.

Almost immediately, my life started changing for the better, and shortly after that, friends, acquaintances and my husband, started commenting on how much better I looked.

Susie’s daily emails were encouraging and informative.  The fellow participants I met online were smart, funny and resourceful. We traded recipes, links to articles, and most of all, supportive I’ve-been-there-too banter that made me want to keep enrolling. Three years on, I’m stronger and happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve also recruited my husband and kids to run a 5/10 K with me this fall, so fitness is truly the gift one passes on.

Thanks for the tough love and belly laughs, Susie!

- Jo McLeod, United Kingdom
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Amanda Johnson, Badass Mom of 2, Minnesota, Tribe member since 2018

When I started Susie’s courses a year ago I had begun a fitness journey and was looking for the motivation to keep it going. What I found was so much more!

Today I am much more organized on every level than I was a year ago, at work, in my home, with meal planning and execution, and in planning time to “move my butt” every day.

My life is so much more manageable that I am able to spend time with my kids and truly enjoy it and not be worrying about the mountain of responsibilities that are left undone, because they aren’t undone! They are done and I am able to enjoy my time.

The most invaluable part of the courses is being able to be honest with a nonjudgmental group of women and have them be honest with me. Receiving ideas and motivation from them, and being able to give it back to them in return is a gratification like no other!

Amanda Johnson, Badass Mom of 2, Minnesota, Tribe member since 2018

Here's what you get in

Not Your Average Tribe:

  • Live Facebook Training and Coaching Sessions 4x/week
  • Daily E-mails delivered right to your inbox
  • Self directed, customized plans that work for you and your family
  • Invaluable Closed Facebook Group

So I didn't get to 199 lbs. which was a mini goal of mine... BUT, I'm very happy and now even more motivated to not let my travels during Christmas to not be an excuse for debauchery!

I'm heading into next year's courses very excited to keep it going!!!

- Ruth-Anne, Tribe member since July 2019

‘Have just finished my 3rd course with Susie and it’s the best thing I have ever done! I’ve always done some form of fitness, but these courses offer so much more. I feel part of a supportive group of badass women who spur each other on. We all have our own individual targets and are made to feel accountable by being part of this group. I now consider myself a runner and feel amazing! I have surpassed myself and feel great. I have developed habits that stick and am looking forward to the year ahead! Susie has been a great inspiration to me and all the other participants….thank you!!’

Myra, United Kingdom, Tribe member since 2018 Myra, United Kingdom, Tribe member since 2018