The Girls

Number 6 and 7 share a room and are the first kids in line in the going-to-bed shift.

Every night we do the same thing…read a story or two, sing a couple songs, get into bed, and then give a hug, kiss, knuckles and high fives.

They love their routine.

Once they are asleep, it’s Number 3, 4, and 5’s turn.

Their routine had kind of dwindled down to nothing other than me turning off the TV and urging them to get upstairs and get into bed.

Then last April we participated in Turn off the TV week, and I got back into hanging out with them at bedtime.

And it was so nice to be spending time together that we kept the routine even when Turn off the TV Week was over.

We stopped the TV watching on weeknights.

Then they asked me why I didn’t read books to them at bedtime anymore like I did with Number 6 and 7.

I didn’t have an answer, other than that I had gotten really lazy.

I had been using that time before they went to bed to get stuff done, and I had been relying on the television to occupy and babysit them.

So, I started reading a chapter book to them at night, and we haven’t stopped since.

They love it and every night they really look forward to reading.

Now,  no matter how tired I am or what I need to get done, I read to them for five or ten or fifteen minutes, depending upon how early they get up into their room.

Usually Number 3 and Number 4 lie in their beds, and I lie on the floor and read, and Number 5 lies down next to me.

It’s a nice little routine we have.

Last night I was really tired, and I was also really uncomfortable.

I rolled over on the floor and unclasped my bra and took it off through the arms of my t-shirt.

“MOM!” yelled Number 5.


Then Number 3 asked,

“Mom, why do you wear a bra anyway?”

“She wears a bra to keep her B-O-O-B-esses in place,” answered Number 4.


And she got up off the floor and climbed into her bed.

I never would have guessed that taking my bra off would be much more upsetting to the kids than turning the TV off.

I guess from now on I’ll wait until after story time before I release the Girls.


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  1. Anne/MuseMama
    Anne/MuseMama says:

    Nipples are not disgusting. They’re the bestest things ever and I’ll bet your kids thought so at one point.

    I, however, hate being braless. My boobs are in a race to see which one can reach my knees first (the right one is totally winning, btw), and I’m afraid of what will happen if left to run free.

    I love how kids improve our body image issues, though. I’ll never forget when my daughter Bridget was little, she looked at me before we got in the shower together and said, “You’re naked, Mommy. It’s okay, I won’t laugh at you.” Um, gee, thanks.


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