Last Day, First Day

Last day of school, summer is here.

Last day of my baby’s kindergarten year.

Last day packing lunches and taking the bus.

Last day for alarm clocks and making a fuss.

Last day for ripping the brush through the hair,

and frantically searching for something to wear.

Last day of forgetting to send in the notes,

and practicing placement of commas and quotes.

Last day of reading logs and Common Core hell.

Last day the kids impatiently wait for the bell.

Last day solving math problems five different ways,

and Pajama and New Word and Wacky Hair Days.

Last day the bus honks because I am late.

Last day missing class parties ’cause I fucked up the date.

Last day of conferences and concerts and plays,

first day of the pool and the sun and its rays.

Last day forgetting lunch boxes inside backpacks,

First day of 24/7 requests for More snacks!

Last day that the power school portal is checked,

First day of the house being constantly wrecked.

Last day drinking my morning coffee in peace,

First day teaching chores requiring some elbow grease.

Last day dealing with the jerky school kid who’s mean.

First day of the quest for non stinging sunscreen.

Last day of looking for two (sort of) matching socks.

First day of playing with dirt, sticks and rocks.

Last day of forging a signature that’s fake.

First day of spending the day at the lake.

First day of running around barefoot in the grass,

(Also, first day of kids being a pain in my ass).

Last day of I need poster board by 7 a.m. tomorrow!

First day going to the library for good books to borrow.

Last day of phone calls cause the kids forgot their stuff.

First day of hot dogs and peanut butter and fluff.

Last day catching colds and getting sicker and sicker,

First day of fights and kids who constantly bicker.

Last day of saying Wake up, Sleepyhead!

First day arguing over when It’s time to go to bed!

Last day of my freedom and my liberty.

First day of an audience when I poop and I pee.

Last day is bittersweet and sometimes a bummer,

but at least it’s not winter…

Bring on the summer!

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