I Want To Help You Burn Off Your Crazy. Or Just Get Up Off Your Butt.

One of the things I feel super passionate about is exercise.

I don’t view exercise solely as a means to lose weight.

It can definitely help in that department, but for me, exercise is the foundation for pretty much everything.

For me, exercise is an antidepressant.

I have been Zoloft/Celexa/Lexapro/Everything Else free since exercise became a regular part of my routine. For about the last seven years.

Exercise also keeps me disciplined in other areas. When I am able to exercise early in the day, the rest of my day is much more productive.

Exercise enables me to keep up with the kids.

Exercise shows me that I can push myself  way out of my comfort zone and come out even better on the other side.

Exercise helps remind me that I can get through anything. Not just anything physical, but other things. Financial problems. Marital problems. Emotional problems. Kid problems.

Exercise makes me feel much more confident in the bedroom.

Exercise helps me sleep better.

Exercise makes my skin look better.

Exercise obviously makes me stronger.

And exercise is improving the quality of my life. Not just now, but  in the future.

And one of my goals is to help moms lead more active lives and to make exercise a part of their normal routine not because they want to drop a few pounds, but because you need to take care of your body, dammit!

When you don’t take care of your body, you can’t take care of your kids! Not the way you want to, anyway.

And eventually, it will catch up with you!

I don’t know about you, but I have a shit ton of plans and I’m not going to get to some of them for another thirty years. Plus I wanna be an active participant in not only my kids’ lives, but my grandchildren’s lives (if my kids don’t kill me first).

If exercise is an area of your life that you are struggling with, I can help you!

Not Your Average Fitness Course 2017 is back!

It’s a flexible, sustainable, and maintainable 6 week course where you receive daily e-mails, daily prompts, daily motivation, live Facebook chats available only to the course members, and tons of support.

Registration is now open, and the course starts Monday, May 1st.

This isn’t about massive lifestyle overhauls. It’s not about insane amounts of exercise. It’s not about cutting out entire food groups and foods.

It’s about being part of a community where other women can relate. The goals are to get you to be more active than you are now, to have more healthy habits than you did when you started the course, and to appreciate your body right now, no matter what your shape or size is!

It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or what size you are. You don’t need a gym membership.

You just need the desire to take more control over your life.

If you are ready to make a change, CLICK HERE.

You will get immediate access to a closed Facebook group upon registration where you will receive daily support and can ask questions before the course officially begins.

Register by Friday, April 28th, and receive a Not Your Average Mom t-shirt (choose from 5 designs including the one below) as part of your registration!

If you have been waiting for a sign to make a change, here it is!

Take control of those out-of-control areas of your life starting right now!

Click here to register for Not Your Average Fitness Course today!!! You won’t regret it!

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