I Am Not Watching The Eclipse With My Kids

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you know that there’s going to be an eclipse tomorrow (Monday, August  21, 2017) in North America.

Here in CT, we will not achieve “totality.” The sun will be approximately 67% obscured at the height of the eclipse.

I get that this is a cool thing that doesn’t happen very often. I get that it’s an opportunity to teach my kids something about science and the sun and the moon and the Earth.

But you know what else I get?

I get that my kids are unpredictable.

And I don’t trust my kids.

I don’t trust them to not look directly at the sun.

I don’t trust them to keep special eclipse glasses on their eyes.

I don’t trust them to not dare each other to look directly at the sun.

And I don’t trust them to be mature enough to understand the very serious consequences of not following the directions during an eclipse.

So we are going to pass this time around.

There will be other opportunities for them to see an eclipse live and in person (and safely) when they are older.

Until then, we’re gonna save our retinas and catch the replay on TV.

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