Weekend Totals

Number of Loads of Laundry that are Unfolded on my Dining Room Table: 7

Number of Times the Dishwashwer was Loaded and Unloaded:  7

Number of Baseball Games We Attended: 4

Number of Times Someone Peed on the Floor Inside: 2

Number of Times I Strapped Someone into a Car Seat: 22

Number of Combined Hours of Sleep I Got:  8.5

Number of Gallons of Milk We Consumed:  5

Number of Loaves of Bread We Consumed:  3

Number of Timeouts:  6 (not too bad, actually)

Number of Times I Applied Sunscreen to a Child:  13

Number of Times I Wiped Someone’s Nose: 60, at least

Number of Children Who Need New Bathing Suits:  5

Number of Times Someone said “Mommy”: 4, 983

Number of Drinks I Will Have Tonight If I Can Stay Awake Long  Enough:  3


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