Morning Fun

It can get a little hectic around here in the mornings.  Number 1 gets on the bus at 6:40 and Number 2 gets his at 7:20.  Number 3 gets bus-sick, so he and Number 4 get driven to school at 8:30.

If I’m super-organized, all breakfasts and lunches are made by 7:00, but many times I’m shoving anything that’s pre-packaged into a lunchbox while I’m yelling at Numbers 3 and 4 to “Get in the car!”

I also routinely forget to factor in the required 15 minutes I’m going to waste looking for a brush, library books and shoes every morning.

And to top things off, there is a drop-off-Nazi at the elementary school.  Student drop off time ends at 8:40.  If you arive at 8:40:01, you have to park the car, bring the kids into the office, and sign them in.  I’ve probably set the record for the most times a parent has walked into the office in her pajamas.

So anyway, because of all this (and because I don’t have the energy to fight with Number 4 about her outfit) Number 3 and 4 get themselves dressed in the morning.  Number 4 comes up with some doozies.  In fact, about a month ago she had “mixed-up day” at school.

“Mom, isn’t this outfit craaaaaazy?”

It was actually one of the most coordinated ensembles she had ever put together…

Her teachers must have thought I got the days mixed up, because yesterday, Number 4 went through the entire day with her pants on backwards.

And they were jeans.

Maybe I should pay a little closer attention from now on.

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