Ohhhhh, Fffffffffffuuuuuuudge.

I put the last present under the tree at 2:30 a.m.

I figured I’d take the morning off today, seeing as I only had about 3 hours before Number 5 woke up.

But I was wrong.

I had one hour.

At 3:30 I heard talking, crying and yelling all coming from Number 3, 4, and 5’s room.



Only I didn’t say fudge.

I went upstairs.

Number 3 was hysterically crying.

Last night he was lucky enough to experience his first episode of double charley horses in his calves.

And he was convinced he had permanently lost the use of his legs.

His crying prompted Number 5 to begin bawling.

And Number 4? 

Well, she was just carrying on a plain old conversation with herself.

So our Christmas miracle is that they all went back to sleep.

But not for long.

I’m pretty sure that Santa isn’t the only adult who feels like this right now.

2012-12-25 06.35.22

Merry Chrismas Everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping Santa brings me a nap for Christmas.  🙂



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2 replies
  1. Monica
    Monica says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Just a tip, don’t know if you know about this, but if you’re having a Charlie horse if you point your toes to your nose it will stop the pain. And if you point them out away from you, it intensifies…I learned that when I was pregnant. I hope it helps. Well, I hope you get that nap! I got about 4 hours sleep so I feel your pain! Hays! Merry Christmas!

  2. Seamus [Impetus Engagement]
    Seamus [Impetus Engagement] says:

    Having a baby: Being on call 24 hours for the rest of your life! :0)

    The good news is that behind every obstacle is an opportunity. The opportunity of these situations is demonstrating how much you actually love and care for your child.

    You yourself know from your past, that these experiences were the ones that stuck in your mind the most.

    So I congratulate you! Not on surviving, but on seizing the opportunity! Because some research shows that the only effect parents have on children, is how much children perceive their parents to love them. While it may not be completely understood now, later in life, this will be an example they call upon when they remember your love.


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