Oh I’m Dreaming a Dream alright…

Hugh Jackman.

If you follow my facebook page, you know that I asked for him for Christmas.

Now there’s a Renaissance Man.

I find that especially attractive.

A dude who is ripped and a bad ass.


But who sings.


Initially, that’s what made him really hot.

To me, anyway.

Then there was the accent.

Which made him even hotter.

Until I saw his wife.

hugh's wife

I mean, she’s definitely beautiful.

But she’s old.

And, let’s be honest.

She’s kind of fat.

She might even be fatter than me.

And Hugh Jackman loves her.

A lot.

So now, on the hotness pyramid, he had reached the apex, and he couldn’t possibly be any more attractive.

Until he won a Golden Globe the other night, and when giving his acceptance speech, said this. 

To his wife.

“Baby, I will say it in front of the entire world…

thank you for always being right, baby.


I can’t take it anymore.

Is Hugh Jackman actually real?


I Dreamed a Dream has officially taken on a whole new meaning.



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2 replies
  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    I recently began reading this blog everyday but come on…. calling someone fat is kind of juvenile and offensive. Doesn’t “she isn’t skinny like the rest of Hollywood” seem more gentle??

  2. sandy
    sandy says:

    Hi Susie! I Love Hugh too. I find him even more awesome after seeing his wife. Ahows he isn’t one of those superficial bafoons who marry the young hot babes then dump them after ten years and maryy someone hotter and younger. ai find his love for this woman awesome and real. He is a real grown man and obviously with someone of substance who he respects and loves.


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