Not Your Average Fitness Course

If you could use some help and support establishing healthier habits into your life, this is the course for you! While one of the main goals will be to help you establish a manageable amount of exercise as a part of your daily routine, this course is about so much more than that! This isn't about completely overhauling your life or going psycho in the workout department. This is about helping you to incorporate healthier habits into your life that you can maintain for the long haul. It's about manageable and sustainable changes. Whether it's learning to feel okay about taking time for yourself, exercising more, drinking more water, staying more focused, or learning to plan better, this course will help you move in the direction you want to go. It's not just about physical fitness. It's about overall life fitness! If you are ready to make changes but just need some guidance, support, and/or accountability, you are in the right place!

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  • learn to make yourself a priority
  • receive help setting small, manageable, sustainable goals
  • membership to a community of women who "get it"
  • support from women who understand!
  • encouragement and compassion
  • accountability

What Do You Get In This 6 Week Course?

  • daily emails containing prompts, challenges, and words of encouragement

  • membership into a closed Facebook group of women just like you

  • all for the cost of just $24.95!


   Want To Hear From Past Participants?

This course has shown me to be accountable, gave me confidence and introduced me to a new me. I didn’t think I was capable of what I have achieved during this challenge and for that I am forever grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a great day when I decided to sign on. In fact, would love to do it again!

- Maureen, Connecticut

"I had given up. Given up on myself, my health, and my inner athlete. Using every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t workout and eat right.  3 kids, busy schedules, traveling husband, no help,  exhaustion, etc.  Trying for a week, a month, and always giving up.  UNTIL a mom (to 7 children) blogger starts getting fit…and keeping track of it. Using quotes like, I am tired of being sick and tired.
"Wow, that is me!" I thought. So, I spent the money, signed up for her e-course and thought, if SHE can do it….why can’t I?  I did not step on a scale, I just started doing what  she told me to do. Starting out SMALL at a few minutes a day, and now 6 weeks later I am going BIG…wanting to workout everyday, running a 5k, squeaking workouts in between picking up kids, eating well, sleeping better, getting STRONGer, and losing weight.   The community  of women with the same goals really helps keep you motivated. The daily emails and personal feedback from Susie are key.
It IS working… And I am feeling like a rock star!

-Kristin, Pennsylvania