What Moms REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching. If you have school age children and are wondering what it is your wife or the mother of your children would really love for Mother’s Day, I can help you.

But first, let’s make it clear that the majority of moms don’t expect anything for Mother’s Day. They are moms because they love being moms and that’s it. It is human nature for most mothers to take care of their children and families. They don’t expect anything in return.

But it’s nice to be appreciated.

And if you want to know what it is most moms would truly appreciate, you are in luck.

Because I know what it is.

And I know what it isn’t.

It isn’t flowers (well, not fresh ones, anyway).

And you might think that it’s a nice meal out with the family.

But it’s not really that, either.

Nope. I asked a few thousand women what they’d really, really appreciate for Mother’s Day, and the overwhelming majority of women who have children between the ages of  0 – 18  want one (or maybe a combination) of the following things:

1.To be relieved of their motherly duties for the day.

Moms spend a ridiculous amount of time cooking and cleaning and driving and planning and organizing and coordinating and making sure everyone is taken care of and in all the places they need to be at all the right times.

For one day, they’d like to do none of that.

I’d like day where I do not have to plan, coordinate, or make anything.

I want that Mother’s Day where my husband will basically kick me out of the house and announce “I got this, I got the kids, house, dishes, laundry, and anything else. You get out of here!”

I’d really LOVE to get a day off. We have 6 kids ranging in age from 16 to 7 months and every day is go go go for me. Dr appointments, therapy, groceries, ball practice, concerts, etc etc. Not to mention cooking cleaning and laundry! I’d really just like a day off to read a book or have a massage or shop. . .without the kids!

I would love if my husband sent me away for the day to do something with my best friend. Like maybe he could get together with her husband and they could send us out for pedicures or dinner or just the entire day with a little spending cash to get into trouble with. No phone calls (but texts of the kids surviving is good) and just a real true go have fun relax I’ve got this.

2. Someone to take care of them.

Moms spend so much time taking care of other people and are often the last people on the list to get taken care of.

I would love a day to be served, instead of me serving others. That would truly show me that they appreciate what I do day in and day out.

A spa day! Massage, mani, pedi, facial the works! I’m a nurse for animals in addition to being a single mom so I spend my every waking moment taking care of others and /or their critters. It would be amazing to have a day to be spoiled just a little.

A gift card for a pedicure. I’d love to get one, but I won’t spend the money on myself for it…mom guilt, I guess, which is silly, but there it is.

I love my kids. I really really do but for Mother’s Day I’d love a day away. A day of pampering, a massage, a nice meal that I can eat while it is still warm, a soak in a hot tub with a good book that I can read uninterrupted and a nap in a bed with the sunlight peeking in. I need a day to relax and recharge. It’s been years since I’ve been able to have a day of nothing and I really think my sanity needs it!

A few hours of pampering. Massage, mani/pedi, facial and the time to go do it.

3.  A clean house.

I would really enjoy having my house professionally cleaned – a real deep clean – once a year. I am home full – time and keep a clean and fairly organized home but it would be great to have someone clean my carpets, windows, hard to reach places. Seems silly when I type it but I would appreciate it.

A gift certificate for a cleaning service!

A certificate for a deep cleaning of my house and a spa day!!!

A totally clean house.

A housekeeper even for a day. Someone to give my house a spring cleaning.

Would love to have everyone help me clean the house inside and out!!! Just once I’d love to have everything neat and tidy at one time. (Even if it’s just for a few minutes).

4. Alone time. This is kind of a big one. 

Some women would like alone time with their husbands. Some women would love to be sent away.  Other women would love time alone in their home!

I’d be OVER the moon to have someone gift me an overnight just over night or weekend ALONE with my husband. I’d be the happiest mommy in the whole USA, as we get maybe 1 day a YEAR alone!

Alone time. An overnight in a hotel and come home to a clean house.

Honestly? I just want a few nights in a hotel by myself. I’d catch up on sleep and every dirty tv show I can’t watch with the kids around.

24 hours off, by myself, in a fancy hotel!

To be left alone. Not in a bad way, but like if I woke up when I felt like it to an empty and silent house, could just sit around all day and do whatever I wanted, when I wanted to- read, nap, bathe, order food in, and just chill out in silence. Then go to bed when I like and wake up the next morning and have them all back. Yes, that’s what I want 24 hours in my home by myself. No phone calls, or being ‘needed’. I love them, I really do, but I’d love Mother’s day to be left flying solo!

Honestly, I would love for them to all leave the house and go do a fun activity while I stay in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep. Between work and two children who are autistic and receive therapy everyday, I am honestly exhausted. Sleep, the greatest gift!

I would like to go out to lunch, stay out all day and eat dinner with my fiends and come home to a still clean house with the Sunday laundry already done.

Leave with children at dawn and do not return with children until the evening when they have fallen asleep in your vehicle.The end.

A day all by myself in a clean house with a stack of movies and books and lunch delivered!


5. A heartfelt gift that requires time, thought, and a little bit of planning.

Something handmade from the kids … Like not put together the night before but something genuine and thoughtful.

Homemade cards or gratitude letters and my chores done for me without complaint. 

No purchased gifts necessary because what really puts it over the top for me is my husband and kids doing all of my spring planting and/or a thorough deep cleaning and detailing of my car.

My family of four posing nicely for a picture.

A handwritten note/card from my kids – something with more than just “love, so and so” written at the bottom. And along those lines – because they won’t think of it on their own – for their father to let them know the day is coming and make some suggestions.

I would love for my husband to plan a trip to lunch and shopping with some of my friends. It doesn’t have to be a surprise but a little planning before the morning of or just not doing anything at all (like normal) would be so appreciated.

Hubby could arrange for a set of family photos to be taken. Take everyone for fresh haircuts in the weeks before, figure out the clothes, the whole thing. THAT would be terrific. OR have my car detailed.

Every year my husband spends HOURS putting together an amazing 100 page bound photo album of our year together. It is the single best gift he could give me and i cry every year. (overachiever award goes to this dude).

There you have it. Straight from the mouths of moms. Time, appreciation, and a clean house.

But really, we’d all be pretty happy with a hug, an I love you, and a sincere Thanks, Mom.




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  1. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    I agree that sleep is one of the greatest gifts! Just having a chance for some extra rest is priceless. A wonderful Mother’s Day siesta is on my wish list:)


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