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About a month ago, I got an email from an old friend from college.
Who knew that my little appearance on Dateline would have this effect on someone:
The other day we were pulling into a Home Depot parking lot and (my wife) said out loud, “I’m going to take a Susie spot.”
If you saw the show, then you know he was referring to the fact that I don’t search or wait for a prime parking spot that is the shortest available distance from the parking lot to the store entrance. 
I find a spot that’s nice and far away.
Where I can open my doors all the way.
And I don’t have to worry about my kids slamming the door into another car.
Trust me, if anyone is in a rush or pressed for time, it’s me.
There is never enough time in the day.
I know sometimes you are cutting it close.
And don’t have a minute to spare.
But something is pissing me off…
When you are going to the Y,
to work out,
is it really necessary to wait, with your blinker on, for the closest possible parking space?
Or to drive around in circles until you see someone come out who has a prime spot?
I mean, aren’t you there to get some fucking exercise?
And no, I’m not talking about someone over 80 years old.
Or someone with multiple small children in tow.
While I’m on the topic, I think a little parking lot ettiquette needs to be a required section on the driver’s license exam.
To the people who leave a store, empty their carts, and then leave them right in the middle of a parking space…
How hard is it to push your shopping cart to the cart return area in the parking lot?
shopping cart
And if there isn’t one, how about,
walking it back to the front of the store?
That is actually an option.
Remember back in the day of VHS tapes?
When you went to the video store and the tapes had those “Be kind, rewind” stickers on them? 
I guess we need those on shopping carts too:
Be nice, make the trip twice.
Have a nice day.
And return your f*%!ing carts.


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5 replies
  1. waletti
    waletti says:

    I am the person who takes the cart from the mom with the x number of little ones trying to figure out how she’s going to get the cart back without losing a child. I give those people cart blanche, only because there are people like me who remember being afraid of leaving my keys in the car with the kids when I returned my cart. : ~ )

    • Deanna
      Deanna says:

      thats why its smart to park close to a cart corral. Next to one if you can. That way, you put your kids in the car, unload the cart, and simply push it in the cart corral and never really have to leave the end of your car.

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    I feel the same way about church parking when everyone is trying to get out at the same time. People get so nasty and impatient yet they just sat in church supposedly learning about being a good person. 🙂

  3. Irene C.
    Irene C. says:

    I wish people would leave the firetruck and police car shopping carts for the moms shopping with multiple kids. I know your child likes the firetruck, remind them that there may be a mom who has multiples and needs to strap them in a cart. Shopping with three kids is torture enough and pushing one cart and pulling another cart turns my trip into a nightmare.


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