Because Little Girls Should Dress Like Little Girls

I lean pretty far to the left when it comes to politics.

And every one knows with regard to curse words, I use those fuckers liberally.

But there are some areas where I guess you’d call me conservative.

And one of those areas is the clothing my daughters wear.

I believe little girls should dress like, um… little girls.

And I believe pre-teen girls should dress like pre-teen girls. Not like 24 year-olds.

Since we are coming out of a really bad financial situation, I have not bought new clothes for any of the kids for a few years. (Except for things I see at Costco, like pajamas, and you know, the robes).

Plus, I am not a shopper. I hate shopping.

But we have our swim team banquet in a couple days, and Number 5 and Number 7 really didn’t have any dresses to wear that fit them, so I told them I’d take them to Kohl’s to get a new dress. I had some Kohl’s cash to use, so it wouldn’t really cost me anything.

So we went to  Kohl’s yesterday. Number 4 came along for the girl time. Since I never ever take the girls shopping, this was a big deal.

Number 7 acted as if she’d never set foot outside of our house before.

Number 5 has just moved up from the little girl section of Kohl’s to the regular girl section.

She and Number 4 ran to check the dresses there out while I took Number 7 to look at the ones in her size.

I found some great dresses for Number 7. Some appropriate, modest, super cute dresses.

After we had picked out a bunch, we found Number 4 and 5. They had an armful of dresses.

An armful of cheesy, crappy, and borderline slutty dresses.

In a size 7/8.

What. The Fuck.

I vetoed almost all of their choices.

25% of them were inappropriate. 50% were super cheesy.  And 20% were just plain ugly.

Half the stuff she picked out looked like something Tess from Working Girl would have worn.

Why do girls’ dresses and clothing in general need to be so goddamn grown up?

I know little girls like that. I know they like to put on their mom’s high heel shoes and dresses and they dream about the day they can wear that kind of stuff.

But let them dream! Let them wait! Let them wear fucking kids’ clothes, for chrissake.

Who is designing this shit?

It’s terrible!

I sent Number 4 and 5 back to the drawing board about three times.  Each time, Number 5 became more and more upset.

“MOM! Everything I like, YOU HATE!”

She was right. I hated almost every single cheesy thing.

I went with them and searched. And searched. And searched. I found a few things that were cute.

And Number 5 hated all of my choices.

“MOM! Everything you like, I HATE!”

We finally found something adorable and appropriate. But it was amidst a whole bunch of horrible garbage. And Number 5 was really, REALLY distracted by the garbage.

And by the time we found it, I was a sweaty and out of breath and ready to gouge my own eyeballs out.

So while the deals at Kohl’s are pretty good, the selection is horrendous. At least for eight-year-old girls.

If I didn’t hate shopping before, I sure as shit hated it after taking three girls who are ten and under dress shopping there.

Sure, there are some good deals at Kohl’s. But I think the next time we spring for something new, I’m just gonna bite the bullet and go to Janie and Jack.

That shit’s expensive.

But I think keeping my daughters’ dignity intact is worth a few extra bucks.




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  1. Kristie
    Kristie says:

    Amen! I’ll have to say, the Cat and Jack clothing line at Target has some very cute, appropriate stuff. My 11yr old loves most of it and the prices are good. Also, they are guaranteed for 1 year. Oh and we did find a cute Easter dress at Belk and it was on sale.
    I too refuse to dress my girl like she’s headed to the club!
    Oh and don’t get me started on the swimsuit choices. 😳

  2. Tanner
    Tanner says:

    when i saw the title of this post, i was concerned, because i interpreted it as “girls should dress like girls, not boys” and i firmly believe that people of any gender should be able to wear whatever clothes they like. then i started reading and felt relief for a moment before i got confused… by the time i finished reading this post i had the kohl’s website pulled up on my phone and was looking through their “big girl” dresses. none of them were on models, but none of them looked like they were too adult or immodest to me. perhaps some of them could be a little short, but number 5 is 8 years old–even if she wore a shirt and no pants, there would be nothing sexual about it.

    girls should wear whatever they want; either they are minors and should not be sexualized by adults, or they are adults and can be sexual if they want to.

  3. Andrea hutchison
    Andrea hutchison says:

    Lol try walmart i have a 4 yr old in 5t clothes and i understand a toddler should not be “sexualised” however its had not to when the crotch in their panties is wider than the crotch in their shorts … i went thru 20 pairs of shorts before i gave up an bought boys shorts for my little girl to wear cause i dont feel comfy having to sned her in underwear that hang out of her shorts … no i dont think my 4yo should be dressed like a hooker to go to school

  4. Layla
    Layla says:

    I’ll second Cat & Jack. My 9 year old is a fan.

    Gymboree as well — especially if you have access to an outlet.

    And Land’s End if you wait for the 40% off deals.

    Janie and Jack clothes are great, but boy are they a lot of $$.

  5. Natalie Rearick
    Natalie Rearick says:

    YES! I mostly stopped shopping for my girls at Kohls once they outgrew size 6. Now garage sales are my favorite because I just need to find one sale from a family who doesn’t buy skanky girl clothes, and it’s a jack-pot! I still regularly buy my husbands clothes from Kohls, but that’s about it. (If I can’t find things at garage sales or second hand stores, Old Navy and Target are usually better.)

  6. Sue
    Sue says:

    Try Old Navy, Gap- always sales, Crew cuts outlet- good quality and so affordable on-line at the Factory! Many appropriate options at all of these stores!!

  7. just me
    just me says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! Who designs that shit, indeed! They obviously don’t have little girls of their own. Even if you are lucky enough to find something with decent coverage, the fabric is so damn thin that you can see through it. Not for me or my 6 yr old. I have pretty good luck at Crazy 8 – they aren’t cheap, but you can nearly always hit a sale and find a coupon to stack with it. Children’s Place is OK sometimes, but I also think some of their stuff tends to look older than I think is age appropriate. Consignment sales/ stores are my fave though! A Gymboree dress for $8 or a Tea dress for $10… or less- Yes! sign me up!

  8. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    I totally agree! I have a 10 year old and won’t let her wear most things in the store. Or the quality is so bad the items fall apart after a few wears. Matilda Jane Clothing is all about keeping little girls little. It’s more expensive but the quality is amazing! You will find that items get passed down to the younger girls. Host a trunk show and get items at half off and free!

  9. Shani
    Shani says:

    I have found that I hate stores. So I mostly do my shopping online. It’s really easy to shop online for my girls. My son however is old enough to go get his own clothes.

    Btw, I love your site!!! Very appealing to the eyes.

  10. Carrie Fish
    Carrie Fish says:

    I second Lands’ End. With a coupon (which is pretty easy to find if you sign up for their e-mails) it’s affordable and it wears well. My youngest daughter is wearing her sister’s hand-me-downs right now. I definitely feel comfortable paying a coupon price when I know both girls will wear it. I don’t often buy LE without a coupon though.

  11. Patty
    Patty says:

    Coming to the conversation a little late, but I have also struggled to find appropriate dresses for my daughter. She is now turning 12 and is all legs, so most dresses are too short on her or too revealing around the neckline when I buy a larger size. I found LuLaRoe recently and LOVE IT! They have modest dresses for all ages in fun prints. My daughter never wants to wear a dress (t-shirt & jeans girl like her Mom!), but I can’t get her out of her LuLaRoe dresses! They feel like pjs. They are pricey, but because they are modest your child won’t grow out of them in one season. *Shameless plug** My friend sells them:


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