It was the perfect kick off to Mother’s Day weekend.

Every Thursday morning three of my friends come over and help me out.

My sister wives.

One of them always brings dinner so I don’t need to worry about that.

Then, we cook, clean, sort, fold, prep…

Whatever needs to be done.

It’s awesome.

For me, at least.

A few weeks ago, we decided we needed a get together that didn’t involve chores.

But which did involve a movie.


And alcohol.

So last night we went to Mo’s house.

It was very Sex and the City.

Minus the sex.

And the city.

We are a diverse crew.

We may not have a Samantha, or a Carrie,

but we do have a non-cursing, church-going Charlotte.

We have a workout fanatic who showed up with her own bag of alcohol and a teaspoon.

You know, so she could measure out the calories in her mojito.


And then, we have Mo,

whose parents are visiting and staying in her driveway in a Winnebago,


and who looked like this when I left.


Lots of laughing.

Lots of fun.



And exactly the way this mom wanted to spend a part of her Mother’s Day weekend.

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