Giveaway!!! Dunk the Junk — Animals Ate the Alphabet children’s book

I swam with Kevin Strong at the Westport Y back in the day.

Now he is Dr. Kevin Strong

Possibly the coolest pediatrician in…



He started a company called Dunk the Junk.

dunk the junk

The company’s goal is pretty self-explanatory…

Education about nutrition, and dunking the junk (food).  The info is delivered to kids in a way that is really cool, and really relatable.

He just came out with an awesome book titled Animals Ate the Alphabet.

animals ate the alphabet.I just got mine, and I have one to give away.

Here are a couple pages:

dtj mpage

dtj x page

How cool is that?!

Don’t miss out on this chance!

And if you can’t wait for the giveaway, go to the website — you can get your copy sent to you right away!














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