How I (Easily) Dye Easter Eggs With 5 Kids Under 7 Years Old

My husband had to work yesterday, so I was flying solo on egg duty.

I decided to try the muffin tin strategy.

First I covered the table with an old plastic table cloth that I keep and reuse for messy projects.

easter 2013 004

Next, I mixed up the dye in measuring cups.

The kids watched the tablets dissolve.

They asked what dissolve meant and we talked about that.

It was very Pioneer Woman-y and home school-y.

easter 2013 001

I poured the dye into muffin tins. I only filled them about 1/3-1/2 way full.

easter 2013 005

There are 6 colors in a PAAS dye kit. Each kid got half a tin to him/herself.

No one had to share colors.

No one fought over the red.

Or blue.

Or green.

I saved the rest of the dye. Just in case.

easter 2013 048

Each kid got 10 eggs.

easter 2013 014

Well, except for the baby.

She got a lollipop.

easter 2013 022

It helped to wash down the paint she somehow got a hold of, and it kept her occupied during the dyeing.

Then, they got their muffin tins and they got busy.

easter 2013 019

The fact that the entire egg didn’t submerge wasn’t a problem.

In fact, it made it really easy to dye the eggs 2 different colors, which the kids thought was very cool.

easter 2013 034

They came out pretty neat. Neat enough for the kids. I’m not concerned about having Martha Stewart quality eggs. I just want the kids to have fun…

And they did.

easter 2013 028

Turning them over wasn’t a problem either.

easter 2013 049

I also bought an egg stamping kit.

The stampers didn’t work very well.

But the kit came with a little paint brush, and that worked well with the stamp pad.

The kids loved painting on the eggs.

easter 2013 040

easter 2013 033

Nobody tipped anything over.

Nothing spilled.

No one even cried.

They just cooperated.

easter 2013 043

And cooperated.

easter 2013 031

And cooperated.

easter 2013 024

It was an Easter miracle.

easter 2013 050

That is, until the eggs were left unattended.

And Number 7 got her hands on them.

easter 2013 012

I don’t think those suckers are gonna be rising from the dead anytime soon.





A tisket, a tasket, I made my Easter basket.

I was 35 when my husband and I got married.

I had been living in my cute little condo before that.

All alone.

It was really nicely decorated.

Almost magazine-worthy.

In my spare time on the weekends I did things like paint furniture.

You know, Martha Stewart-y kind of shit.

So when we got married I still had those Better Homes & Gardens visions in my head.

Number 1 and 2 would mess up the house and it would send me into a frenzy.

Maintaining the magazine-esque house was proving to be very difficult.

It took about a year into Number 4 when I realized it was impossible.

And, as far as I was concerned, not that important…

We never found out the sex of any of the kids before they were born.

So when Number 4 was born and we actually had a girl, I went out and bought a shitload of dresses.

And tights.

And shoes.

I had visions of the perfectly dressed and accessorized little girl.

Too bad she refused to wear any of the dresses.

Or the hair accessories.

I never even took the tags off half of the shit.

I finally gave up on the picture perfect family and home and switched my focus to just keeping the children alive and the house standing.

Which brings me to my point…

Easter baskets.

I used to buy nice baskets for the kids.

And all the grass and crap to put inside them.

Plus enough candy and junk to guarantee my dentist and his entire family could take a really nice vacation.

Then there were presents.

Because somewhere along the way, Easter had turned into a Christmas-like extravaganza.

Those baskets definitely looked magazine-worthy.

But by the time I was done, I had spent well over $200 on Easter crap.

And half of it was going to go directly into the garbage about an hour after the kids ripped through their baskets.

Then the kids would want to use their baskets forever.

Until, like, the 4th of July.

So they would get destroyed.

And every year I would need to get new ones.

About 3 years ago, it was the day before Easter, and I realized I had forgotten to get Easter baskets.

So we got creative.

And we made some.

And that has become our new tradition.

The kids look forward to it every year.

Yesterday at Costco I got some boxes.

easter 2013 052

I printed out a few pictures from the internet.

easter 2013 053

And then the kids did their thing.

easter 2013 054

easter 2013 055

We cut up one box to make strips of cardboard to make handles.

easter 2013 056

Would Martha Stewart approve?

Probably not.

Would I have approved 10 years ago?

No way.

Are these going to be featured on the cover of a magazine?

easter 2013 027

But are the kids happy?

And proud of their creations?

easter 2013 057


And they don’t really care if there is a bunch of fake plastic grass in the bottom of their basket.

The only ones who really care about that crap are the adults.

So our Easter baskets look like this.

easter 2013 051

They were free.

And green.

And when they start to fall apart, we’ll put them right into the recycling bin.

And next year on Easter, we’ll do it all over again.

Happy Easter 🙂

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Easy Thanksgiving activities

My kids are always asking for pictures to color around the holidays.

Crayola has some pretty cute Thanksgiving coloring pages, as well as some easy-to-print-out activities.

I really like this easy card activity…. I’m going to have the kids make some this weekend and use them for place settings for Thanksgiving. 

They have some easy games and also some cute coloring pages.

Here is the link:

Gobble Gobble!

today’s tip — easy thank you notes for kids

As soon as my kids can write, they are in charge of their thank you notes.

But for a 6 or 7-year-old, writing an entire note over and over is a little too much.

So I have this saved on my computer.

I print it out on some “party” paper, it looks cute, and the kids can fill in the blanks easily.

They learn an important life skill and a lesson in manners, and it’s one less thing for me to do!