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Words of wisdom from a 2-year-old

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in approximately 7 years. I’m sure that any of you with kids can relate. So sometimes it doesn’t take much for me to cross the line from nice mommy to bitchy mommy. Number 5’s adjective for me when this line is crossed is a little more polite… I […]

Poop in the Bathtub

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are boys.  Number 4 is a girl. Up until she was about three years old, Number 4 thought she was a boy. She loved her older brothers.  Hanging with the boys was all she really knew. She refused to wear anything girly from birth. I had accumulated an adorable collection of  cute little dresses, […]

Mom, what’s an orgy?

Let me begin by saying that my husband is a wonderful father. I was selling girl scout cookies with Number 4 a few weeks ago and one of the other moms there asked where the rest of my kids were. “They’re home with their dad.” “He’s alone with them?” “Uh, yeah?….” So I guess I take the […]

Grammy took my fruit snacks away

Three of our seven kids (Numbers 4,5, and 7) are girls. I have felt very strongly with all of the kids, but the girls especially, that it’s important for them to feel comfortable with their bodies. Comfortable talking about their bodies. To own their bodies. So from birth, I have taught them and encouraged them […]