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They Done Good

One of the challenges of being a swimmer is that swimming is not a seasonal sport. It’s a year-round, full-time commitment once you really decide to commit. The  year is broken into two main seasons (in the Northeast, anyway). September through March is known as short course season. That’s because all meets are held in […]

We Just Aren’t Ready Yet

I do not know where I stand regarding my kids and technology. It’s a constant battle in my head. On the one hand, I realize that technology is now a thing. The thing. I understand that it’s not going anywhere and the kids need to know how to use it efficiently and responsibly. And I […]

Remember That Time At Costco?

We got back from our trip to Richmond on Sunday night. After being gone for six days, there wasn’t much food in the house. Yesterday (Monday) I had plans to get caught up on laundry, clean some stuff up and get to the grocery store, but as so often happens, things did not run completely […]